Delivery Information

1. Unless otherwise agreed delivery will be to the front of the customer’s property nearest the public roadway.  No personal handover to the customer is required unless a specific “hand over” delivery option has been selected in which case our staff will use their best endeavours to arrive between the appointed times and ring or knock on the customer’s door to hand over the produce specified for delivery under that order.  Only one attempt will be made.  Thereafter Sheldons reserves the right to leave the order at the normal delivery point on the property or return to depot with the order.  Customers should contact their depot in the event their order is not at the specified delivery location and they wish to collect from the depot during normal opening hours for that depot.  At its own discretion, Sheldons may attempt to deliver the product returned to depot at another time or the following day.  Sheldons shall only be obliged to hold such an order at its depot for 24 hours from the normal time of delivery.  Thereafter Sheldons shall be at liberty to dispose of the order at its discretion without refund or replacement to the customer.  The risk and property in the goods shall pass to the customer at the point of delivery as stated above. We do not guarantee to deliver to every address within our area, for more information phone our office, 01565 634509.

2. At setup or at any time D & P.M. Sheldon reserves the right not to start deliveries to a potential customer, an area or location or to cease deliveries to a customer, an area or location entirely at its own discretion.

3. D & P.M. Sheldon reserves the right to reorganise delivery rounds, delivery days and schedules due to commercial considerations, we will always try to minimise the effect to you of any changes.

4. We do not guarantee time of delivery, any times quoted in any form of communication are estimates only. While we make every effort to ensure that you receive your delivery at a time to suit you, if the delivery person has a very large milk round, a problem with his vehicle, weather, traffic or the relief delivery person doesn’t know the round as well, then it may be later than the estimated or regular time.

5. If the delivery of Goods is prevented or hindered by reason of circumstances or events beyond our reasonable control including, but not limited to, act of God, riot, strike, lock-out, trade dispute or labour disturbance, accident, breakdown of plant or machinery, fire, flood, severe weather conditions or disruption to the website, we shall not be deemed to be in breach of contract or of these terms and conditions.

6. If you’ve checked that we deliver to your area and the available delivery dates when ordering online or, if you are an offline customer, talk to your roundsperson. D & P.M. Sheldon delivers to the majority of rounds 6 days a week, however this is not guaranteed: a small number of areas are not serviced 6 days a week and usual delivery days may change on national bank holidays.