• Big K Charcoal Special Offer Briquettes (2 bags)

Sizzle this summer with Big K Charcoal Briquettes, and enjoy that unmistakable BBQ flavour every time you grill with this premium quality barbecue fuel.  Suitable for use with all traditional BBQ’s, this slow-burning charcoal features a unique starch binder of sawdust and wood to offer maximum heat retention, and as all the briquettes are the same size, they burn evenly and last longer than traditional Lumpwood.

Delivered in a practical 5kg sack with handles, Big K Charcoal Briquettes take slightly longer to light than traditional charcoal, but once lit, they last longer and produce more heat, making them a great investment for every summer chef.

Big K Charcoal Special Offer Briquettes (2 bags)

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